Hospital2Home (H2H) is an initiative that supports patients' end-of-life care choices

Having to move between hospital and home can be extremely disruptive and distressing for patients being treated for cancer, which is why The Royal Marsden developed H2H. The scheme gives patients in palliative care more confidence about making the choice to be cared for at home by improving communication between hospital and community services.

How H2H works

Currently it is common that paper records for a patient may be held by as many as nine organisations caring for them, including hospices, social services and the London Ambulance Service.

Through the H2H scheme, every member of the healthcare team who has a legitimate relationship with a patient will have easy access to information about a patient’s end-of-life choices, no matter where they are based, ensuring a seamless and improved service for the patient.

The H2H service arranges a case conference at the patient’s home to discuss their medical, nursing, social and psychological needs. Led by the patient or their GP, this meeting allows the H2H team to give carers, family, friends and local healthcare services a clear understanding of the patient’s medical history and help plan a personalised care package.

Specialist team

The scheme is supported by a specialist team funded by supporters of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and based at the hospital. This team makes sure that patients choosing to move from hospital to home can be certain that their local healthcare services will be ready and waiting.

Supported by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity 

Over £500,000 was raised for Hospital2Home by supporters of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

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