Physiotherapists at The Royal Marsden are experienced in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of physical problems that may develop as a result of cancer or its treatment.

Specific problems that physiotherapists may be able to help with include:

  • Maintaining or regaining independence and function during or following treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy (this may include exercises, advice and/or the provision of walking aids – which must be returned after use)
  • Improving fitness in preparation for surgical or medical treatment
  • Assisting with the management of symptoms, such as pain, breathlessness, fatigue and poor mobility
  • Preventing and treating breathing difficulties after major operations
  • Assessing and treating problems of muscle weakness and decreased joint mobility as a result of cancer diagnosis or treatment
  • Assessing and treating functional problems caused by brain and spinal tumours, including balance and coordination problems

There is no charge for physiotherapy for NHS patients. Private patients will need to check their individual policy but physiotherapy is usually included as part of an episode of care. The number of sessions offered depends on the physiotherapist's assessment and treatment plan.

Physiotherapists are available to treat children and young people.

Maintaining or promoting healthy lifestyle

We know that together with other healthy lifestyle choices, maintaining or increasing physical activity during or after cancer treatment can help speed up recovery from treatment and its side effects, and can help to prevent the recurrence of some cancers.

However, physiotherapists recognise that you may need support and advice about physical activity in order to achieve your goals.

Find out more about staying active during and after cancer treatment

How can I see a physiotherapist?

If you are an inpatient, speak to the nurse caring for you. If you are an outpatient, speak to a member of your medical team or your clinical nurse specialist.

To book, please contact Chelsea Physiotherapy Department on 020 7808 2821 or Sutton Physiotherapy Department on 020 8661 3098.

The department is open Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, from 8:30-4:30pm at Chelsea and Sutton.

There is an emergency on-call physiotherapy service which operates out of hours for urgent respiratory problems and is used at the discretion of the physiotherapy and medical teams.