Look Good Feel Better

Adult female patients may be interested in Look Good Feel Better. This is a free programme of beauty workshops which is now running in 70 hospitals in the UK.

The program consists of small informal workshops lasting about two hours. A beauty advisor demonstrates a 12-step skin care and make-up regime and you will be given a gift of products to take home.

Look Good Feel Better can help you deal with the visible side effects of treatment and help you to develop your make-up skills.

Young person's workshop

All women are welcome at Look Good Feel Better, but if you are aged 14 to 24 years you can ask your nurse if there is a dedicated young person's workshop coming up.

How can I go to a workshop?

These workshops generally run once a month and you will need to book an appointment. Leaflets are available in the help centres and around the hospitals. You can book to attend a workshop at another hospital nearer to home if you wish.

Chelsea: 020 7352 8171 ext 4576
Sutton: 020 8661 3367