Breast prostheses, wigs, and hair loss advice

Wigs and breast prostheses are offered to inpatients and outpatients, and you can be seen at any stage during or after your treatment.

External breast prostheses

The appliance officer can help with fitting and ordering an external breast prosthesis if you have had a mastectomy or other breast surgery. There is no charge for NHS patients. The full procedure will be explained when they contact you.


The appliance officer or hair loss advisor can help you choose and order a wig if you have hair loss related to your cancer treatment. There is a prescription charge which is outlined below.

We offer a range of prescription wigs in different colours and styles. If you have been told that your treatment may cause your hair to fall out, the staff will refer you to the appliance officer or the hair loss advisor.

Our hairdresser can also help with choosing and ordering a wig. It is much easier to match for style and colour when you still have your natural hair. Our appliance officer or hair loss advisor can show you pictures of a range of acrylic wigs, colour swatches and examples of wigs on mannequin heads.

Prescription charges for wigs

There is a prescription charge for wigs, set by the Department of Health, which you will have to pay unless you meet the criteria on the list of exemptions. The appliance officer, hairdresser or Help Centre staff will be able to advise you about the cost of wigs.

How do I get to see the appliance officer or hair loss specialist?

You can contact the appliance officer directly for an appointment or ask a member of staff to refer you.

Chelsea – appliance officer / hairdresser: 020 7808 2812
Sutton – appliance officer / hairdresser: 020 8661 3079