Acupuncture can be helpful for people who experience symptoms such as pain, nausea, dry mouth, hot flushes, fatigue and breathlessness.

The acupuncturist inserts very fine sterile stainless steel needles into the skin at various points on the body. Acupuncture works by releasing natural morphine-like substances in the body, such as endorphins, which can ease symptoms.

How do I get referred?

The service is open to any patient of any age and diagnosis. However, in order to access this service you will need to be referred by your medical team or a clinical member of staff involved in your care.

If it has been decided that acupuncture is appropriate for your symptoms, treatment sessions are usually once a week for six weeks. Further sessions may be given if required.

If long-term follow-up is needed, we may be able to find a suitable practitioner to carry on the treatment closer to your home.

You will receive acupuncture as an outpatient.

Clinics are held in Sutton on Tuesdays and in Chelsea on Wednesdays.