Discharge support team

The Discharge Support Team are specialist health professionals who have experience in all aspects of discharge planning.

The team's role is to advise and support ward staff to plan the care you may need after you leave hospital. They work closely with other hospital staff such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists to assess your needs and the needs of your carer or family before you go home. They also work very closely with community nursing services, community palliative care teams, Social Services and Clinical Commissioning Groups to arrange for the right nursing care and support to be provided for you at home.

How do I get referred to the Discharge Support Team?

This service is offered to both inpatients and outpatients. It is important to tell a member of staff as early as possible if you think you will need help when you go home.

You or your carer or family can contact the team directly. Hospital and community-based staff can also make referrals.

Chelsea – Discharge Support Team: 020 7808 2320
Sutton – Discharge Support Team: 020 8661 3382