How do I pay for my treatment?

Medical insurance

If you are covered by private medical insurance, it is important to contact us before your treatment starts to confirm that we recognise your particular insurer. You should also contact your insurer to confirm that the terms of your policy will cover the treatment and consultations that you need. We have contracts with all major insurers, allowing your account to be settled directly.

If we can’t confirm your cover, or if we don’t have an arrangement with your insurer, we will ask you to pay the full estimated cost of your treatment in advance. It will then be your responsibility to claim funding back from your insurer. If your insurance provider changes during your treatment it is important that you let us know before your new policy takes effect.

Any charges to your account that are not paid in full by your insurer will become your responsibility. Please make sure that you understand what your insurance policy covers, and any payment limits that may be applied to aspects of your treatment. If you find any aspect of your insurance cover and personal liability unclear or difficult to understand, you should speak directly with your insurer to clarify it.

Self‑funding patients

If you are paying for your own treatment, we will ask you to pay a deposit in advance to cover the expected treatment costs. Please contact the Private Care Accounts Office before your consultation or treatment to discuss the amount you need to pay and the best way to pay it.

The cost of cancer treatment and care varies widely, and your medical costs may extend beyond the cost of your planned treatment, for instance if you need to be admitted when unwell. The deposit we ask for makes some allowance for this, however, it is neither a quotation of costs nor the maximum charge that may be incurred.

Your treatment and consultation will begin only when we have received cleared funds.

We recommend that you check with the Private Care Accounts Office regularly to keep track of costs and make sure you have the funds available to cover your ongoing care.

Sponsored patients

We have arrangements with some overseas embassies and third parties that allow us to invoice and receive payment directly on behalf of patients.

Where an agreement is in place, we must receive a Letter of Guarantee before admission and treatment. Correspondence regarding letters of guarantee will usually be managed directly between our staff and your embassy. However, we ask that you bring your Letter of Guarantee with you to your first appointment at The Royal Marsden.

If we don’t receive a Letter of Guarantee, we will ask you to pay the funds needed to cover the full estimated cost of your treatment in advance. It will then be your responsibility to claim this back from your sponsor.

Contact details

If you have any queries about payment at The Royal Marsden, please contact our Accounts Office:

Chelsea 020 7808 2491 or 020 7808 2492

Sutton 020 8661 3400 or 020 8661 3401