Information specific to outpatient appointments

What happens during the appointment?

Outpatients are people who do not need prolonged day care or an overnight stay in hospital.

Outpatient appointments will take place in the dedicated Private Care Outpatient Department on the Sutton or Chelsea site or in one of our diagnostic centres. If you are attending a clinic that is held in a different part of the hospital, we will notify you in advance and tell you how to get there. You may bring along a companion along to your appointment.

When you arrive

When you arrive, please report to the private outpatient reception desk. After registering, you can take a seat in the waiting area. Before you see your consultant, you might need to have blood tests or x‑rays. If so, we will let you know where to go.

On your first visit we will ask you to fill in a registration form; please allow about 20 minutes to do this.

Your medical consultation

Before you see the consultant, a nurse may weigh you. Please tell the nurse if you think your weight has changed during recent months. If an examination is necessary the nurse may also ask you to change into a clean examination gown. If you’re not sure how much clothing to remove, please ask the nurse.

As a private patient, you will see your chosen consultant at each outpatient attendance. If you need to be seen while your consultant is on leave, he or she will arrange for a consultant colleague or senior member of the team to see you.

Remembering important information

Your visit to the clinic is a good time to discuss things with your consultant. It can be hard to remember all the questions you want to ask and all the information the doctor gives you, but there are some things you can do to make it easier for yourself:

  • Write down and prioritise the questions you want to ask and make a note of the answers
  • Consider bringing a relative or friend to help you remember the conversation later
  • Request written information if it is available and repeat back what you think you’ve heard to check that the information is correct
  • If you haven’t understood what has been said, please ask your consultant or clinic nurse to repeat the answer or explain it again.

After your consultation

After your consultation, your consultant or clinic nurse will always be willing to answer any questions. Please ask if you haven’t understood what has been said.

What happens after my appointment?

Following each visit to the hospital, you will be given a card with the date and time of your next appointment if needed.


Please phone your consultant’s medical secretary or the private ward or department you are due to attend to arrange another one. Please remember to tell staff if you have tests booked.

If you’re worried about anything between your appointments 

Please phone the contact number provided to you or our Private Care Contact Centre on 020 7811 8111 to arrange an earlier clinic visit or to get advice.

Royal Marsden patients, their carers and hospital and community-based doctors and nurses caring for Royal Marsden patients can also call The Royal Marsden Macmillan Hotline. This service provides specialist advice and support. You can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 020 8915 6899.

If you don’t need a follow‑up visit 

Remember to keep your appointment card safe in case you need it in the future.

Change of personal details

If you change your address, GP or private medical insurer, please remember to notify us.