What happens during my appointment or stay?

The nature of your appointment or consultation will depend on whether you are coming to the hospital as an outpatient, a day care patient or staying as an inpatient[add links for below pages].

Tests and investigations

Tests and investigations help us accurately diagnose and plan treatment for our patients and, depending on your personal treatment plan, may be requested whilst you are an outpatient, day patient or inpatient.

Tests are carried out in various departments in the hospital. We will let you know which department to attend.

Your doctor or nurse will explain to you the reason for the test, what is involved, including any special preparation, how long it will take and any potential complications. Your chosen consultant will also let you know when you can expect to receive your test results. If you don’t receive them then, please contact your consultant.

Before we proceed, we will always obtain your consent to go ahead with the test.


My experience has been first-class – doctors, nurses and all other support staff have provided the best possible care that I could have hoped for.