Pain management

The pain clinic offers a service to help people improve their pain management and find ways of coping.

If you have pain, tingling or numbness, talk to one of the team looking after you, for example your doctor or nurse. 

You may be offered a combination of different therapies, which may include medication, physiotherapy, occupational therapy (including relaxation training), psychological support, acupuncture or massage.

Pain management services are divided into acute pain and chronic (long-term) pain:

Acute pain

The acute pain service ensures that patients’ pain is adequately treated after surgery or during cancer treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. This involves regular assessment and treatment of pain using pain-killing tablets (inpatients and outpatients) or injections, epidurals and patient-controlled analgesia machines (inpatients only).

Chronic pain

Patients with chronic (long-term) pain problems are managed as outpatients. We maintain close links with the primary oncology and/or surgical team to ensure continuity of care. The main treatments offered for outpatients include:

  • treatment using pain-killing drugs
  • links with the physiotherapy department
  • links with the psychological medicine department
  • links with palliative care
  • nerve blocks
  • complementary therapies such as massage
  • stimulation-induced analgesia such as acupuncture and TENS.

How do I get referred to the pain clinic?

If you have ongoing problems with pain, ask a member of your medical team for a referral to the pain clinic or a specialist who manages pain.

Chelsea and Sutton – Pain Clinic: 020 7808 2954