Medicines at The Royal Marsden

The purpose of this page is to provide relevant formulary information that is accessible by patients, the public and stakeholders

The medicines formulary page currently consist of two documents:

The medicines formulary is a list of medicines approved for use by the Drug and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) at The Royal Marsden. If use of a drug is required, locally agreed prescribing criteria need to be met. These ensure that:

  • specific patient factors are taken into consideration in the decision-making process for initiating treatment
  • appropriate mechanisms of funding treatment are available.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved medicines list is in accordance with the Innovation, Health and Wealth document (DoH 2012). All relevant NICE-recommended medicines are approved for use at The Royal Marsden in accordance with NICE guidance and NICE and Royal Marsden prescribing requirements.

About this page

This page has been developed by the pharmacy department and approved by The Royal Marsden's DTC.

The pages aim to meet the requirements of the NICE Good Practice Guidance recommended by NICE in December 2012.

The medicines formulary and NICE-approved medicines list site will evolve over time. This page will be updated on a monthly basis following the publication of new NICE guidance and any local formulary decisions that are made at the The Royal Marsden's DTC.