What is the Recovery Package?

The Recovery Package aims to support people to self-manage the impact cancer has on their life

The Macmillan Cancer Care Recovery Package has four key interventions to support people to self-manage the impact cancer and its treatment can have on all aspects of life:

  1. Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA). A HNA is a simple questionnaire that is completed by a person affected by cancer. You may be asked to complete a HNA on paper or be given a link to log onto an electronic version, which you can access on your smart phone or home computer. We’ll ask you to complete a HNA to find out more about your physical, practical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. It allows you to highlight the most important issues so that you and your healthcare professional can put together a plan to address your needs. If you haven’t been offered a HNA, please ask your key worker or team about this.
  2. Treatment Summary. At the end of your treatment, your doctor or specialist nurse will complete a document called a Treatment Summary. This is for you and your GP so you both have a record of your treatment, potential side effects, consequences of treatment, and signs and symptoms of recurrence. If you haven’t been offered a Treatment Summary, please ask your key worker or team.
  3. Health and Wellbeing Events. Health and Wellbeing Events are designed to help you and your family and friends get the support you need after cancer treatment. These are run as group events for people with similar types of cancer. You are usually welcome to bring a friend or relative with you, but please check with your key worker in case space is limited. Health and Wellbeing Events focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, and supporting you to live as active and full a life as you wish. All our Health and Wellbeing Events cover: physical activity; diet; worry and anxiety; and smoking cessation. It is an opportunity to meet others in similar situations, find out about the information available and where to access more support if you need it. If you are nearing the end of your treatment, please ask your key worker or team about the next Health and Wellbeing Event.
  4. Cancer Care Review. This is carried out at your GP practice, either by your GP or practice nurse. Following a diagnosis of cancer, your GP will contact you to arrange a review. This is a discussion to help you find out more about what information and support is available in your local area, a chance for you to discuss your cancer experience and help you to self-manage any consequences of cancer or treatment with support.

For more information on the Recovery Package, please see Your support and follow up care from Macmillan Cancer Care.

For more information what to do when treatment ends, please see 10 Top Tips from Macmillan Cancer Care.