Eating well to keep fit

Food plays a vital role in maintaining health before and during cancer treatment.  

Intervening with a good diet right from the start is part of a programme called prehabilitation.  This is usually offered as a package which combines nutrition with exercise (including physical activity) and emotional wellbeing/behaviour change.

Nutrition and exercise work hand in hand and good nutrition is linked with better emotional wellbeing. If you want to make positive changes to improve your physical and mental health think about the ways you’ve made successful changes in the past.  Can you use the same strategies now? The support of family and friends is often key in helping make changes stick.

This video and other resources on this page have been specially created to help you get the best from your food at this time.  It covers things such as

  • How to know whether you are eating well
  • Should you be trying to lose weight?
  • Do you need to take extra vitamins and minerals?
  • What should you include in your diet to get the best from your exercise routines?

Our consultant dietitian Dr Clare Shaw was hosted by TopMedTalk for a conversation about embracing good nutrition at the start of treatment.  The podcast is available to listen to here.

If you are struggling to eat enough and are losing weight then you can find information tailored to your needs in the Eating Well booklet.  If you think you need to speak to a dietitian for more support please discuss this with your consultant or key worker.

Additional useful resource

Eatwell plate – this is a helpful visual guide to ensure that the food in your diet matches with the recommended guidance.