Food and drink

Find out more about The Royal Marsden's award-winning food and drink services

Meals and snacks

Tea and coffee are available early and mid-morning, mid-afternoon and late evening, as well as at all meal times. Snacks are also served with the mid-morning and mid-afternoon drinks.

We have protected meal times when we try to keep ward activity to a minimum so that patients can enjoy their meal in peace. This usually takes place between 12:30-2pm and between 6-7pm. If you would like your visitors to stay to help you eat and drink at those times, please let your nurse know.

Our daily menu offers a variety of choices. If you can’t see anything you like, a call order menu is available. You can also use this menu if you have missed a meal during the day. After 7pm we can provide a selection of sandwiches or hot meals if you have missed a meal.

If you wish to order halal, kosher or puree/modified texture meals please ask the ward staff.

Other foods

If you would like to bring food into the hospital, please choose foods that don’t need to be kept in a fridge, such as biscuits, crisps and squash drinks. Please don’t bring any other foods without discussing it with a member of the Catering Department.

There are restaurants for patients and relatives at both our Chelsea and Sutton hospitals. These offer a range of hot and cold meals, including cooked and continental breakfasts, fresh soup, and pre-packed sandwiches. Pre-order and made-to-order hot meals are also available.

Advice on your health and diet

Eating well and enjoying your food is an important part of your care. We offer written advice about diet as a booklet and on this website. If you would like to talk to someone about your diet, nutrition or eating difficulties, please ask your nurse to contact the dietitian.

Infection control is an important part of your care, so please remember to wash your hands before eating any meals or snacks.

​If you have any views about how we could improve our catering service speak to a member of the Catering Department.

Food For Life accreditation

The Royal Marsden is accredited to Silver status for patient catering and Bronze status for retail catering by Food For Life

Food For Life is accredited and run by the Soil Association. It evaluates and benchmarks the quality of hospital catering; this demonstrates the quality of The Royal Marsden's catering service to patients, staff and visitors.