Tests and investigations help us accurately diagnose and plan treatment for our patients.


If you are coming to the hospital as an outpatient, your doctor might request a test as part of your consultation. Tests may also be organised when you are an inpatient or attending for day care.

We carry out a wide variety of tests. Samples taken from patients (blood, biopsies, aspirates, etc) are often analysed in the laboratory by our pathology teams.

Individuals and families concerned about a risk of inherited cancer can be seen for genetic screening.

Procedure for tests and investigations

Tests are carried out in various departments in the hospital. We will let you know which department to attend in order to book your test.

A doctor or nurse will explain to you the reason for the test, what is involved (including any special preparation), how long it will take and any potential complications. Your medical team will also let you know when you can expect to receive your test results. If you don’t receive them then, please contact the team directly.

Before we proceed, we will always obtain your consent to go ahead with the test. 

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