Safeguarding children

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust continues to work hard to ensure that all children and young people are cared for in a safe, secure and caring environment. 

The Royal Marsden Board takes the issue of safeguarding extremely seriously and receives an annual report on safeguarding children issues. The last annual report was presented in September 2013 which gave assurance that The Royal Marsden is fulfilling its statutory duties under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004. As a result, a number of safeguarding arrangements are in place. These include:

DBS checks

The Royal Marsden meets the NHS statutory requirements in relation to the Disclosure and Barring Service check. All eligible staff that work clinically, or have regular contact with patients during the course of their duties, have enhanced DBS clearance prior to employment. DBS checks are updated three yearly.

Child protection policies

All The Royal Marsden's child protection policies and systems are up to date and robust and are reviewed on a regular basis. The Royal Marsden has an Escalation of Risk policy to ensure children are protected in a timely and robust way and that they are kept in the centre of all we do. The policy was implemented in January 2012 and updated in December 2013.

Safeguarding team

The Royal Marsden has a safeguarding team who lead on issues in relation to safeguarding children and child protection. They are clear about their roles and receive relevant support and training to undertake their duties, which include close contact with other social and healthcare organisations. The safeguarding team has recently been restructured to increase the number of safeguarding specialists. The total numbers of professionals in these roles are broken down, as follows:

  • Safeguarding Service Manager/Violence Against Women and Girls Specialist Health Visitor (1.0 WTE)
  • Named Doctor Safeguarding Children, The Royal Marsden/RMCS (0.4 WTE)
  • Safeguarding Specialist Nurses (7.4 WTE)
  • Paediatric Liaison Health Visitor (1.0 WTE)
  • Designated Nurse Looked After Children (2.0 WTE)

This safeguarding team has a clear action plan, which is updated monthly. This is reported to The Royal Marsden Board on a half yearly basis. The Board has robust audit programmes to assure it that safeguarding systems and processes are working.

The Clinical Children's Services Director is the professional safeguarding lead for both The Royal Marsden. The Royal Marsden Chief Nurse is the executive lead for safeguarding children and chairs the safeguarding board, which reports to The Royal Marsden Board on safeguarding issues. 

Safeguarding children supervision policy

The Royal Marsden has a Safeguarding Children Supervision Policy which was last updated in November 2013. Safeguarding supervision is provided to all clinical staff working directly with children and families in order that they are supported in their practice when working with vulnerable families.

Safeguarding children mandatory training

The Royal Marsden has a robust safeguarding children mandatory training strategy. This is in line with the inter-collegiate document Safeguarding and Promoting Children and Young People: Roles and Competencies for Healthcare Staff (June 2010). There is adequate compliance with safeguarding children training. A new system of recording all training on the electronic staff record commenced in November 2012 to improve monitoring and compliance with mandatory training.

Inspection results

RMCS has been involved in two Ofsted/Care Quality Commission inspections; in January 2012 for Merton Local Safeguarding Board and April 2012 Sutton Local Safeguarding Board. The overall rating for safeguarding children in health was 'good' in both inspections.

This statement has been ratified by the Chief Nurse, Board Lead for Safeguarding