Children's psychological care

The children's psychological care team is a multi-professional team of clinical psychologists and a child psychiatrist. 

The team works very closely with the CLIC Sargent Social Work Team, play specialists, teachers and nursing and medical staff colleagues.

It is a very stressful time for a family when a child or young person is diagnosed with cancer, and many family members ask for extra support throughout their child's treatment. The team offers many support groups which are run jointly with the CLIC Sargent team.

Clinical psychologists

Clinical psychologists specialise in child and adolescent development, assessment and treatment and will work with any member of the family to offer psychological therapy, support and advice. They are available to talk about how having a diagnosis of cancer affects everyone in the family and how it may change people’s behaviour and feelings.

They can offer help with problems such as feeding, sleeping, toileting, tantrums, difficult or aggressive behaviour, changes in mood or anger issues. They can also offer advice about relationship problems and other complex issues.

A private space is available for parents or children to talk through what has happened to their family and to discuss with a clinical psychologist how best to help their child.

Child psychiatrist

The child psychiatrist works closely with other members of the team, particularly when there are more complex difficulties affecting mood or general wellbeing.

The psychiatrist will offer advice and support to all members of the family as appropriate. They also offer advice about any problems to do with school or attendance, memory, attention and concentration, and will advise about the need for psychometric assessments and statementing for special education needs.

How to see Children's Psychological Care Services

A referral can be made through your doctor or nurse or the CLIC Sargent team, or any member of the family can contact us for an appointment.

Sutton – Children’s Psychological Care Services: 020 8661 3676