Long-term follow-up

Long-term follow-up (LTFU) is an essential part of care following treatment for cancer.

Some procedures that children and teenagers may have received during their treatment can cause problems that only become evident years later. Regular clinic visits are important in order to detect any problems early on.

Following treatment, young patients will continue to see their oncology consultant regularly in clinic for the next five years (two years following a bone marrow transplant). At the end of this time care will be transferred to an LTFU team.

Late effects

Each child and young adult will have different problems and needs, and not all potential late effects occur. During your first visit to the clinic one of the LTFU team will go through each treatment and possible late effects with you. There is a checklist of possible late effects according to the treatment given which acts as reminder of what to look for. Once children reach the age of 18 years care is normally transferred to a consultant endocrinologist at St George's Hospital in London.