Thyroid cancer

The Royal Marsden provides a comprehensive service for patients with malignant and non-malignant thyroid tumours at its hospitals in Chelsea, London, and Sutton, Surrey.

Services available at The Royal Marsden include:

  • Diagnosis, tests and investigations: primary assessment and diagnosis
  • Cancer genetics  
  • Surgery, including minimally invasive technique and reconstructive surgery
  • Chemotherapy   
  • Radiotherapy  
  • Isotope therapy
  • Critical care  
  • Rehabilitation  
  • Palliative and supportive care

The Thyroid Unit provides a complete diagnostic, treatment and follow-up service for patients with any thyroid abnormality. These include over- or under-activity, nodules (either solitary or multiple) and cancer. Although malignant tumours are rare, the Unit probably treats more patients with cancer of the thyroid than any other centre in the United Kingdom; its expertise and facilities are second to none.

Family screening and genetic counselling are also available.

Isotope therapy

Systemic isotope therapy is available in the form of mIBG for metastatic medullary carcinoma. This isotope may also be useful in the treatment of other neural crest tumours such as metastatic phaeochromocytoma and paraganglioma.

A full range of other isotope treatments is available.