Gynaecological cancer awareness

Three young cancer patients who were all diagnosed with gynaecological cancers at the age of 27 have shared their stories to raise awareness of symptoms and to allay the fears of young women facing treatment for gynae cancers.

There are 10,000 new cases of gynaecological cancers diagnosed each year in the UK. Young women’s awareness of these cancers is low, and those who are diagnosed can struggle to find information about treatment and side-effects that feels relevant to them.

Jen Bunn, now 34, and Isabel Soldevilla, 30, who have both been through treatment for cervical cancer, have joined forces with Laura Moses, 29, who had ovarian cancer, in a series of three short films designed to increase the awareness of symptoms and reduce anxieties experienced by young women facing a diagnosis of gynaecological cancer. 

In the films the three women, all diagnosed under the age of 30, share deeply personal memories of how they felt facing their own mortality, their fears of losing their fertility, how they coped going through treatment, and how cancer affected their relationships, careers and outlook on life.

“I found I was always the youngest woman in the waiting room,” Laura said. “And all the information that I so desperately needed was aimed at older women. I really feel like these films are going to help so many young women like us.”

There’s also a short teaser video showing how little some young women know about cervical screening and the symptoms of gynaecological cancers.