Breast cancer

Breast cancer patients at The Royal Marsden have access to a wide range of services provided by a multidisciplinary team, many of whom are national and international experts/specialists.

Rapid diagnosis and assessment

Clinics held daily at Sutton and three times a week at Chelsea provide a rapid diagnostic and assessment service which is usually able to offer same-day results. Our experienced specialist teams use triple assessment techniques to provide the best breast cancer diagnosis and assessment available.


At The Royal Marsden, chemotherapy is sometimes used as the first treatment and sometimes after surgery. We are also experienced in treating breast cancer with chemotherapy during pregnancy. We have dedicated units at Chelsea, Sutton and Kingston for patients receiving chemotherapy. Find out more about how chemotherapy is used at The Royal Marsden.


Our breast cancer radiotherapy services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and innovative staff. 

Clinical trials and research

We are the lead centre for many national and international chemotherapy and radiotherapy clinical trials. Find out more about clinical trials at The Royal Marsden.

Following primary breast cancer treatment

We have a system of open-access follow-up once primary treatment has been completed.

Secondary (metastatic) breast cancer care

We provide a highly specialised service in dedicated clinics for patients with secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. Patients have access to a wide range of healthcare professionals who contribute to the medical, nursing and supportive management of care.

This includes dedicated clinical nurse specialists for secondary breast cancer who provide information, advice and support within the hospital and liaise with local services.

Supportive care

Find out more about The Royal Marsden's patient support services and complimentary therapies

Further information about breast cancer

Diagnosis at The Royal Marsden

The Royal Marsden provides rapid (one stop) breast assessment clinics for women and men at its hospitals in Chelsea and Sutton several times each week. If you are worried about your breasts you can ask your doctor to refer you to The Royal Marsden for assessment. Print off the form (see below) and take it to your GP.

Breast cancer surgery at The Royal Marsden

The breast cancer surgery we offer includes mastectomy, with or without breast reconstruction, breast-conserving surgery using oncoplastic surgical techniques, breast reconstruction, and complex cancer and revisional reconstructive surgery.