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Coronavirus latest: Please kindly note that whilst lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, visiting is still suspended.  The hospital remains open and we are still delivering treatment to our patients. Please see more information here about how we are keeping everyone safe.

The Royal Marsden

World-class cancer care in the heart of London

Our new centre in Cavendish Square will give private outpatients access to expert consultants and leading-edge equipment in a state-of-the-art setting.

15 April 2021

This spring, The Royal Marsden Private Care is expanding its presence in London by opening a new COVID-secure diagnostic and treatment facility in Cavendish Square.

The new outpatients centre located in the capital’s renowned healthcare district, between Oxford Street and Harley Street – will offer patients fast and direct access to world-leading diagnostic experts in a modern and reassuring environment.

At the centre, experts will treat multiple tumour types – including breast, urological, gynaecological, gastrointestinal, head and neck, haematological and skin cancers – and offer other specialties such as genetics, plastics and pain management.

Patients can expect to have an appointment booked following their initial enquiry, with direct access to diagnostic services. They may also have next-day appointments and same-day scans and results.

In addition to consulting rooms, 12 chemotherapy chairs and a minor procedure suite, the new centre will house state-of-the-art imaging facilities, including MRI, ultrasound, computerised tomography (CT), mammography and X-ray.

Cavendish Square will offer leading expertise, facilities and technology

Professor Christopher Nutting

The highest standards

Professor Christopher Nutting, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden and Professor of Radiotherapy at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, will take up the role of Clinical Director of The Royal Marsden Private Care at Cavendish Square.

He says: “Cavendish Square is an exciting new development that will allow us to offer word-class standards of cancer care in the heart of London’s most respected healthcare district for the first time. 

“Patients seeking the very best private cancer treatment can do so in the Harley Street district, safe in the knowledge that it is backed by the strictest safety standards and governance usually only seen in the NHS. As a specialist cancer centre, Cavendish Square will have the clinical expertise, facilities and technology to provide leading diagnostics and treatment, and our multidisciplinary teams will be on hand to offer a personalised approach.”

Backed by research

Improving patient access to better and more rapid diagnostics is a priority at The Royal Marsden, and Cavendish Square is part of our broader strategy to diagnose cancer faster and earlier.

Experts at The Royal Marsden are constantly working to improve the way we diagnose cancer – for example, through genetic sequencing to identify targetable mutations, and regular screenings of those with a genetic predisposition to certain cancers. Armed with the latest technology, our clinicians can also carefully monitor patients for the signs of relapse: the earlier clinicians pick up a recurrent cancer, the better the chance of successfully managing it.

This research backing really sets Cavendish Square apart. Patients can feel reassured that their treatment and care is based on the latest advances in oncology led by world-leading experts.

Professor Chris NuttingThe Royal Marsden has a unique integrated model in which all revenue generated from the Private Care service goes back to the NHS Foundation Trust. This provides the best of both worlds for patients and clinicians: NHS scale, specialisms, research and governance delivered with private sector service standards.

The onsite diagnostic imaging suite will make a huge difference to patients

Dr Susan Lalondrelle

Speedier diagnosis

Dr Susan Lalondrelle is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of gynaecological and skin cancers with radiotherapy, brachytherapy and systemic therapies, and is the Lead for Clinical Oncology at The Royal Marsden.

She is one of many consultants who will be providing care in the centre. “We’re delighted that Cavendish Square will be opening soon,” says Dr Lalondrelle. “Having a full diagnostic imaging suite on site will make a huge difference to patients.

“Rapid diagnostics will allow us to diagnose cancers earlier. When a patient’s cancer is detected at an early stage, there is a much greater chance of being able to treat it successfully, often with less invasive procedures and fewer long-term side effects.

“At The Royal Marsden, we thrive on change, pioneering the latest treatments and using the newest technology for the benefit of our patients. Our radiotherapy studies have changed the way cancer patients are treated – not only here but also across the country and around the world.”

What we offer at Cavendish Square

Our services

  • Fully comprehensive cancer diagnostic and treatment centre with fast and direct access to research-led diagnostic experts covering all main tumour groups and clinical specialties:
    • Breast
    • Urology
    • Head and neck
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Gynaecological
    • Haemato-oncology
    • Skin
    • Lung
    • Genetics
    • Plastic surgery and reconstruction
  • Same-day and next-day appointments with our world-leading consultants in surgery, medical oncology, clinical oncology, haematology and genetics
  • One-stop diagnostic appointments

Our facilities

  • Full diagnostic imaging suite offering MRI, CT, X-ray, mammography and ultrasound, plus nasoendoscopy and colposcopy
  • Medical oncology treatments in our Medical Day Unit, which features 12 chemotherapy chairs
  • Seven outpatient consulting rooms
  • Minor procedure suite
  • Onsite pathology with rapid blood test turnaround times
  • Onsite pharmacy