Patient Safety Fellowship

Learn about patient safety and be involved in organisation-wide projects in a Trust that prides itself on its safety culture

About this fellowship

Supervisor: Dr Rohit Juneja, Lead for Audit and Patient Safety

Length: Six-month post, extendable to 12 months subject to satisfactory internal review

Eligibility: Open to all post-FRCA (or equivalent) anaesthetic specialist registrars, or post-CCT trainees, who wish to develop a further interest in patient safety at one of the largest cancer centres in Europe

Time commitment: The trainee will have a minimum of one to two days per week dedicated to time spent working on patient safety projects, depending on the project needs, with the remainder of the time allocated to clinical commitment to Chelsea theatres, and on-call in Sutton or Chelsea to make a total of less than 48 hours per week

Opportunities: Specific opportunities include, but are not limited to, those described in the job description, and as below:

  • Undertake Diploma in Patient Safety (partially funded)
  • Work with patient safety leads in the trust on trust-wide patient safety projects tailored to the interests of the post-holder
  • Attend all Board-level Integrated Governance and Risk Management meetings, and other relevant safety and quality meetings
  • Work in conjunction with simulation fellow on Patient Safety teaching initiatives
  • Gain clinical experience in the anaesthetic/intensive care management of major complex cases, and a broad range of cancer-related therapies, surgical and medical

For more details, please contact the Fellowships team