Senior Clinical Fellow in Airway Management and Research

About this fellowship

Supervisors: Dr Orla Lacey (Consultant Anaesthetist)

Length: Six-month post, extendable up to 12 months subject to satisfactory internal review.

Eligibility: Open to all post-fellowship anaesthetic specialist registrars who wish to develop a further interest in advanced airway management and research.

Time commitment: The trainee would be expected to have one to two days per week spent in airway or head and neck lists, time spent in head and neck multidisciplinary meetings, and pre-assessment, with one day a week of clinical service commitment to theatres, and an additional on-call commitment based in Chelsea or Sutton. Some time would be dedicated to academic activities to pursue relevant projects. This equates to approximately 80% clinical commitment and 20% academic commitment, and would add up to an average 48-hour week.

Opportunities: Specific opportunities include, but are not limited to, those described in the job description and as below:

  • Regular opportunities to develop advanced airway skills and learn the techniques of anaesthesia for head and neck/maxillo-facial /reconstructive surgery.
  • Opportunities to review retrospective RMH data in respect of advanced airway techniques
  • Recruitment studies related to the efficacy and safety profile of conscious sedation for awake trachela intubation and other awake airway techniques.

For more details, please contact the Fellowships team