Visitor restrictions

The Royal Marsden is, from Thursday 26 March, suspending all visiting to the hospital in order to limit the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable patients and our staff.

We understand that not being able to visit family members while they are in hospital may be upsetting and we would like to assure our patients and their family and friends that this decision has not been taken lightly but it has been made to help protect their safety, and the safety of our staff.
Visiting will continue in specific circumstances; for example:
  • Oak Centre for Children and Young People – one visitor per patient will be allowed, preferably the same visitor. Unfortunately, no siblings are able to visit from now on.
  • Patients receiving end-of-life care – up to three immediate family members at any one time, to be arranged in conjunction with the clinical team.  This applies to all patients regardless of their COVID-19 status. This visit will usually be a single visit on compassionate grounds, however we may not be able to facilitate this for all patients.
  • Patients requiring assistance from a chaperone, for example if the patient has physical disabilities or mental health needs, including dementia – one visitor is able to bring the patient into the hospital, but will then need to leave as soon as the patient is under the care of a health care worker.  This applies to all patients regardless of their COVID-19 status.  
No visitors are allowed in any other inpatient or outpatient area, for example the wards, MDU, outpatients, radiotherapy, diagnostics. 
In Chelsea, all patients should enter via the main entrance on Fulham Road unless they require disabled access in which case they should use the Wallace Wing entrance on Dovehouse Street, which will be buzzer entry. Radiology patients for the temporary scanner will also be able to enter through the Stewart’s House car park.
In Sutton, all patients should enter either through the main entrance or the Oak Centre for Children and Young People. All other entrances will be locked.
We will be continuously reviewing these decisions and will update the website should any of the information change.
We understand that our patients may have questions in relation to this. We have prepared the following FAQs to help.

Why can't I visit?

Social distancing is important to try and limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We need to 'shield' certain people who are at higher risk than others and this includes those who are already unwell, especially people with cancer who are often severely immunocompromised. By suspending visiting, we hope to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) helping to protect our patients, their family and friends, and our staff. 

Can I get personal items to a patient?

We understand that having personal items such as clothes and your own toiletries if you are in hospital is really important. If relatives need to bring personal items to patients, they can still do this, but please package them up, clearly label them with the patient’s name and ward (if known), and leave them with a security officer.

What if a patient needs an interpreter?

If a patient requires an interpreter, one will be called to the front entrance of either hospital on the patient’s arrival.

How long will these restrictions be in place?

They will be in force as long as we believe necessary while the coronavirus situation continues. We will be reviewing these changes regularly.