Behind the scenes of Super Surgeons

The production team at Wonderhood Studios filmed our surgical team for the three-part Channel 4 documentary 'Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life'.

two members of the documentary crew pose on the hospital steps, exterior, holding video cameras and boom microphones
The Wonderhood documentary crew, Joy and Ben

"When we first started filming at The Royal Marsden in the summer of 2021, we set out with the aim to make a series which would showcase the pioneering and life changing work of the surgeons and their team. To be able to enter into the world of cancer and to be able to tell the stories of patients and surgeons felt like an incredible opportunity. We really feel like we have been able to make a series which is special.

"From the outset we wanted to explore how we could capture the highly complex surgical stories and make them accessible for audiences.

"The word cancer elicits fear and there is a social silence around the emotions of diagnosis and journeys patients go on during their treatment. We were keen to make a series which didn’t shy away from the complexities of oncology care, but also gave hope to audiences that there are institutions which are here to help."

We have been incredibly lucky to witness the phenomenal care provided by the surgeons and their teams. The Royal Marsden is a special institution, you see the pride staff take in working here.

"We have also met some wonderfully brave patients, and thank them for trusting us to tell their stories. They all wanted to make a difference and show audiences that there is hope within a diagnosis of cancer. Without their bravery we would not have been able to make the series, and our thanks goes to them."