Meet the team

Glenn Flux

Glenn Flux PhD FIPEM CSi: 

Dr Glenn Flux is Head of Radioisotope Physics at the Royal Marsden and an honorary member of faculty of the Institute of Cancer Research. He graduated in theoretical physics from the University of London and was awarded a PhD in ‘Physics as Applied to Medicine’ in 1995.

Dr Flux leads a team that provides a clinical service for nuclear medicine which includes day to day support for imaging systems and for therapy procedures with radioactive drugs. The team also conducts research into anatomical and functional imaging and has developed techniques to improve the quantity and quality of information that can be extracted from clinical scans.

He is a founder member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry Committee, and is the chair of the molecular radiotherapy group of the British Nuclear Medicine Society. He has contributed to many international publications and guidelines on clinical treatments, including the management of neuroblastoma and thyroid cancer with radiotherapeutics, and is an author of a report from the International Committee on Radiological Protection on molecular radiotherapy.

Dr Flux has supervised many PhD and MSc students, teaches on several courses, has given over 100 invited presentations and has authored over 100 peer reviewed articles. His current focus is on conducting multicentre clinical trials to evaluate the radiation doses delivered to patients treated with radioactive drugs, with the aim of using this as a basis for planning personalised treatments. The team are responsible for imaging and dosimetry aspects of several clinical trials in the UK and mainland Europe and have been awarded research grants from the European Union, the CRUK and the Department of Health.

Iain Murray

Iain Murray PhD MIPEM CSi: 

Iain is Deputy Head of Radioisotope Physics at the Royal Marsden. He is a state registered clinical scientist who specialises in the physics of both molecular imaging and molecular radiotherapy using unsealed radioactive sources. Before joining the team in 2012, he worked as a clinical scientist at Barts Health NHS Trust and in 2011 was awarded a PhD in radiobiology from Queen Mary University of London. 

Current research is focused on the imaging of alpha emitting radionuclides used in molecular therapy such as thorium-227 and radium-223, as well as alternative surrogate techniques, including the use of Fluoride PET imaging to predict the response of prostate cancer bone metastases treated with radium-223. 

Iain is also a Health Research Authority registered Medical Physics Expert reviewer and regularly assesses clinical trials as part of the regulatory pathway.

Jonathan Gear PhD MIPEM CSi:

Jon began his career at the Royal Marsden Hospital in 2002 before undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in 2004.  During his PhD Dr Gear pioneered the use of polymer gel dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy.

Methodologies developed from this work have been incorporated into his current role as Principal Clinical Scientist where he leads in a number of clinical and research dosimetry projects, which have resulted in publications and invited presentations at both national and international meetings. 

Jon is currently leading on several research projects, including a clinical trial to improve dosimetry for diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures. Other projects include 3D printing of anthropomorphic phantoms, software development for whole body and 3D organ level dosimetry, and implementation of compartmental modelling for bone marrow dosimetry following peptide receptor radionuclide therapy.

Jon is Vice Chair of the European Association of Nuclear medicine Dosimetry Committee and is lead author on European guidelines for uncertainty analysis in MRT and I-131 mIBG therapy dosimetry.  He is a course facilitator and lectures on a number of teaching programs including that of the EANM, and EFOMP.


Sarah Chittenden BSc CSi:

Sarah has a wealth of experience in clinical dosimetry and has led on the development of physics aspects of molecular radiotherapy throughout her career. Sarah specialises in practical aspects of running a service and has been responsible for the first imaging and dosimetry studies of many new radiotherapeutics. 

Brenda Pratt MSc CSi:

Brenda has been responsible for radiation safety for MRT for over 30 years. Brenda has particular experience in dealing with regulatory authorities, including the Environment Agency and the Care Quality Commission for licensing of sites to hold and dispose of radioactive waste, and to ensure that all practice is performed safely and within the regulatory framework.

Allison Craig MSc CSi:

Allison is a senior clinical physicist specialising in imaging, therapy and dosimetry. Her clinical and research interests include glomerular filtration rate calculations and dosimetry for microsphere treatments of liver cancer.

Jan Taprogge PhD MPhys CSi:

Jan is a clinical scientist with a background in nuclear physics. Jan is responsible for running physics aspects of national and international multicentre clinical trials involving dosimetry including Medirad and Selimetry.

Antigoni Divoli PhD CSi:

Antigoni has a PhD in Positron Emission Tomography and has both a clinical and research background in Nuclear Medicine and dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy. She has experience of international collaborations and has worked on the application of techniques such as Spectral Analysis and Monte Carlo modelling.  

Dominic Rushforth BSc CSi:

Dominic is a healthcare and research scientist who specialises in the development of tools and software that provide practical solutions to quantitative imaging and dosimetry.

Bruno Rojas BSc CSi:

Bruno is a clinical member of the team whose work the UK Internal Dosimetry User Group has included the first UK survey of clinical practice and trends in MRT.

Charlotte Barker PhD CSi:

Charlotte is a healthcare scientist with over 15 years experience delivering a range of molecular radiotherapy treatments. She obtained her PhD in medical physics from The University of Surrey. 

Lucy McAreavey PhD:

Lucy joined the team after completing a PhD in detector development for molecular radiotherapy and has experience in day to day management of clinical practice.

Paul Gape MSc MPhys CSi:

Paul recently became a member of the team following his training at the Royal Sussex hospital. Paul has performed dosimetry for Ra-223 treatments and is currently working on analysis of data from the Selimetry trial and supporting software development.

Carla Abreu:

Carla is a clinical technologist with over 10 years of experience in research and clinical imaging. She has experience across both clinical and research imaging covering a wide range of investigations using multiple imaging techniques and several different tracers.