Meet the Team

We are a highly experienced team of dedicated clinical and research scientists offering extensive genomic testing specific to oncology.

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The team consists of, Associate Practitioners, Medical Technical Officers, Genetic Technologists, Clinical scientists, Consultant Clinical Scientists and Research Scientists working alongside each other to provide a fully comprehensive Clinical Genomics Service. 

Our scientific expertise allows us to deliver cutting-edge genomic technology and provide the interpretation of complex genomic data to inform personalised treatment plans for patients, improving their quality of care.  We pride ourselves in collaborative working between our Scientists and Clinicians promoting clinical innovation for cancer patients. 

Dr Mike Hubank – Scientific Director

Mike Hubank

Mike has worked in Genomics for over 20 years, working at UCL, the University of Sussex and Yale University before returning to the UCL Institute of Child Health in 2000 to run UCL Genomics.  In 2016 he moved into clinical diagnostics at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, to lead a translational laboratory focused on the development and clinical application of genomic assays for cancer diagnostics.  More recently he took up a role at the NHS England North Thames Genomic Lab Hub, with overall responsibility for the scientific direction of the hub. 

Research Interests:
Mike is a joint investigator on several research projects using multiomic profiling for optimising personalised diagnostics and treatments for childhood cancer patients.  He has a strong focus on developing and applying genomic assays, and a particular interest in moving circulating biomarkers into standard of care testing.

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Dr Angela George - Consultant Medical Oncologist

Angela George

Dr Angela George is a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Consultant in Oncogenetics at the Royal Marsden Hospital.  She specialises in the systemic treatment of gynaecological cancers, and has a particular focus on the use of genomic information in treatment.  She is also Clinical Director of Genomics at the Royal Marsden, and undertakes testing for inherited cancer syndromes in her Oncogenetics practice.

Dr George trained initially in New Zealand in Medical Oncology, before moving to the Royal Marsden and undertaking additional training in Oncogenetics at the Institute of Cancer Research, where she was awarded the Chairman's Prize for her Thesis in Ovarian Cancer Genetics.  She led the implementation of the Mainstreaming Cancer Genetics programme, which involved incorporating genetic testing into the routine care of patients with ovarian, breast and pancreatic cancers.  These programmes have now been adopted across the UK and Dr George has helped set these programmes up across the world, expanding into multiple tumour types, and revolutionising the use of routine genomic information.

Dr George is involved in multiple national and international groups, including the National Cancer Research Institute Gynaecological Cancers Group, the Precision Medicine working group for the European Society of Medical Oncology and the British Society of Genetic Medicine.  She is the Cancer Clinical Lead for the North London Genomic Medicine Service and co-chairs the molecular tumour board.

Dr George has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and undertakes a variety of clinical and translational research, particularly in cancer genomics and targeted treatments.  She is the principal investigator at The Royal Marsden for multiple international trials


Clinical genomics is a very exciting part of oncology to be involved in. My ideal is that, in the future, our tests will guide the treatment of every cancer patient. I know I am in the best place to help achieve that goal.

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