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Our academic excellence in genomics and translational medicine means innovative genomic testing can advance clinical practice.

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Our fully UKAS accredited Clinical Genomics service brings the latest technology, such as the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 high throughput DNA sequencer and laboratory automation, delivering cost effective, high throughput workflows for personalised medicine. We have research Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) gene panels for solid tumour and haematological malignancies but also collaborate with research teams to design new bespoke panels, as well as offering whole exome sequencing. View The Royal Marsden NGS panel list and specification documents below.

As part of the North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub (GLH) we deliver consolidated somatic testing for cancer in line with the NHSE National Genomic Test Directory for solid tumours and haematological malignancies. Working closely with experts in oncology at the Royal Marsden and across the North Thames GLH we can bring novel testing through new clinical trials to patients sooner.

Our innovative genomic practice has led to successful collaborations in new clinical trials, especially in sequencing of circulating tumour DNA from liquid biopsies for colorectal cancer (TRACC), breast cancer (PEARL) and paediatric cancer (CRUK Stratified Medicine).

In the diagnostic setting successful partnerships include; AstraZeneca; tumour BRCA and HRD testing in ovarian cancer and ctDNA EGFR mutation testing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Janssen; TP53 mutation testing in CLL, Roche; BRAF-NRAS mutation detection in melanoma, Merck; RAS-BRAF mutation testing in colorectal cancer and Celgene; IDH1/2 testing in AML.

We have experience in delivering large national projects, such as 100,000 Genomes Project and programmes supported by Cancer Research UK include the National Lung Matrix trial for Lung and working together with the Institute of Cancer Research, we are leading in delivering genomic profiling of paediatric patients with a solid tumour.

Please contact us with your specific research requirements and for pricing.

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Our comprehensive genomic tests for cancer allow patients to receive the most optimal treatment possible. As we work together with clinical and research teams, our tests are always ready to identify patients who could benefit from even the most recently approved treatments.