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We have the expertise, facilities and technology to provide the highest standard of personalised care. Learn about Shama’s experience at The Royal Marsden Private Care.

Shama, private patient at The Royal Marsden
Shama, private patient at The Royal Marsden

World-leading centre

As a world-leading cancer centre, The Royal Marsden is able to attract the best in class medical professionals in every area: surgeons, clinical and medical oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses and more. All of these come together to support our patients.


We are delighted to have been named Best Private Hospital for two years running by LaingBuisson and we continually score amongst the top trusts in England for patient experience.


Receiving private cancer care in an NHS setting means patients benefit from the very highest quality standards across every aspect of care. Whether this is through the prescribed drugs, radiotherapy treatment or surgery; every part has been assessed as part of a tight governance framework that every NHS hospital adheres to.

State-of-the-art facilities

The Royal Marsden is continually pioneering new technology to give you the best quality treatment with minimal side-effects. Some of our facilities include the latest radiotherapy equipment, advanced imaging suites and the most sophisticated surgical theatres with top of the range robotic surgical systems.

As one of the top cancer centres in Europe, we lead the way.


Shama’s story

Shama came to The Royal Marsden after scans from her first routine breast screening appointment in Pakistan revealed irregular results. Unsure if it could be cancer, she discussed with her local hospital whether to have a biopsy but decided to travel to London to investigate further.

“My mother was treated for breast cancer at The Royal Marsden four years ago, so I decided to come and see her surgeon,” Shama explains. “I’d been here during her treatment so could see that it is a really wonderful hospital. Her consultants and the services were amazing, so I knew when I was coming here, I was in good hands.”

Shama saw Dr Gerald Gui who arranged for further tests which revealed she did have breast cancer but, fortunately, it had been caught early. Dr Imogen Locke and Dr Marina Parton were also part of her healthcare team.

“I felt very confident in the treatment decisions that my consultants advised, and I really appreciated that they allowed me to be part of the decision-making process” she says.

Over seven months, Shama was treated with surgery, Herceptin (a targeted therapy), chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She went home to Karachi two days after her final radiotherapy appointment where she continued Herceptin injections until August. Now her treatment is finished, Shama is doing “really well” and feels like cancer is a “closed chapter” in her life.

“My treatment at The Royal Marsden exceeded expectations and it’s really made the whole process so much easier. Everyone’s extremely kind and I couldn’t have asked for more.”