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Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest: Visiting The Royal Marsden is still suspended, but we want to reassure our patients, their families and anyone worried about cancer during this difficult time that we are still delivering treatment - the hospital is open. Please see more information here about how we are keeping everyone safe.

Quality Account and Quality Priorities

Quality Accounts allow staff, public and patients to assess the quality of care we provide.

The dual functions of a Quality Account are to:

  • Summarise our performance and improvements against the quality priorities and objectives we set ourselves for 2018-2019
  • Outline the quality priorities and objectives we set ourselves for 2019-2020

Our performance against the quality priorities and objectives we set for 2018-2019 is summarised below. You can also:

The quality of care patients and their families receive, and their experiences, are central to all that we do

Cally Palmer, Chief Executive

Performance against quality priorities for 2018-2019


Safe care priorities



Reduction in healthcare-associated infections (MRSA and Clostridium difficile) Achieved


To maintain or increase the number of patient-safety incidents and near misses that are reported, reducing the percentage of incidents that have resulted in severe harm or death Achieved


Maintain the percentage of admitted patients risk assessed for venous thromboembolis Achieved


Effective care priorities



Reduction in the number of emergency readmissions to hospital within 28 days of discharge Achieved


To reduce the incident of category-3 pressure sores and category-4 pressure sores developing in patients while they are receiving community care Partially Achieved


Reduce harm from sepsis: increase the number of patients screened, and give antibiotics within an hour of a patient being diagnosed with sepsis Achieved

7a and b

To make sure that we are responding to inpatients' personal needs and to continue using the Friends and Family Test question for patients receiving community care Achieved 
8 To increase the percentage of staff who would recommend The Royal Marsden to friends or family needing care  Achieved 


Patient experience priorities


9a and b

To reduce waiting times at chemotherapy appointments and in outpatient clinics and improve patients' experiences relating to waiting times Partially achieved


Community services priorities 


10a and b

To reduce waiting times for patients who are referred to the podiatry and musculoskeletal service Achieved

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