World-class expertise

We have 2,500 cancer specialists all under one roof, working together everyday to better the lives of our patients

Cancer experts 

As one of the world's leading cancer centres, we attract the best minds in oncology. Our consultants, clinicians, nurses and healthcare professionals are all cancer experts, working collectively to ensure your care is delivered by the best people at the right time. 

Our consultants

We have over 150 consultants, who are all expert in their fields. As a private patient you will be able to choose your own consultant, who will personally oversee every aspect of your treatment plan to ensure you receive the continuity and reassurance of one-to-one care. Find a consultant

99% of patients said that their consultant treated them with consideration and courtesy

Private Care Patient Experience Survey Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

Bringing expert opinions together

Collaboration is fundamental in getting cancer treatment right. We run weekly multidisciplinary team meetings in each tumour speciality, where up to 35 specialists will discuss your case and develop the right personalised treatment plan for you.

So while you will see one dedicated consultant, you will also benefit from the collective expertise of our many cancer specialists.