Our pioneering technology

Our state-of-the-art technology provides patients with the most accurate and precise treatment, more quickly than ever before.

Robotic surgery

The Royal Marsden was the first centre in the UK to invest in both the da Vinci S and the da Vinci Xi robotic surgery systems. These innovative robots allow surgeons to perform more intricate and delicate surgery, whilst making fewer incisions, reducing blood loss, doing less damage to healthy tissue and improving recovery times.

The robot is operated by a surgeon, who can use it to cut and manipulate tissue via the robotic arms. The robot operates through tiny incisions and our surgical team can use the extended vision, magnification and 3D imagery to facilitate even greater precision and accuracy in their work.


Radiotherapy – our linear accelerators

The Royal Marsden is the largest radiotherapy centre in the UK, delivering 75,000 treatments each year on 11 linear accelerators.

We have the latest in radiotherapy technology, such as CyberKnife and the Varian TrueBeam, which allow us to deliver more focused, targeted and accurate doses of radiotherapy than ever before. This means that the patient experiences fewer side effects as less healthy tissue is damaged, and fewer treatments. CyberKnife can deliver the same effectiveness in five treatments compared to a previous norm of 30.

Our Sutton hospital will be the first in the UK to own and develop the latest in radiotherapy technology, the MR Linac. The MR Linac combines two technologies - an MR scanner and linear accelerator – to precisely locate tumours, tailor the shape of X-ray beams in real time and accurately deliver doses of radiation of moving tumours.  The new machine will be running research trials from late 2016 and available more widely from 2017. 


Our state-of-the-art imaging centres offer the latest in MRI, CT, PET-CT, X-ray, ultrasound and mammography operated by our high skilled radiologists.

Our MRI facilities include three 1.5T MRI scanners and two 3T MRI scanners and our CT services include multi-slice CT, CT diagnostic scans and interventional procedures. We have two state-of-the-art Siemens scanners in Chelsea and two in Sutton.

On our Chelsea site we are able to undertake complex interventional radiology procedures such as chemo-embolisation, which can be performed as day surgery cases as well as simpler procedures, such as the inserting of gastric and jejunal feeding tubes.

In mammography, we have four GE Senograph and one Hologic tomosynthesis mammography units, which are used for one-stop breast clinics and other services. We also offer vacuum assisted breast biopsies under both ultrasound, mammographic and MRI guidance.

In Sutton, our paediatric service includes paediatric oncology imaging in our specialist children’s unit, the Oak Centre for Children and Young People.