Our personalised approach to care

Every patient's cancer is unique to them. Our treatments and care are tailored to you as an individual at every stage of your cancer pathway.

Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre

The Royal Marsden has designed this space and experience to support patients at what can be a very difficult time. We know that waiting increases anxiety and can have a negative impact on outcomes and that visiting a cancer hospital for the first time can be intimidating.

Our Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre provides diagnostic investigations for patients in a calm and pleasant environment. Most patients receive their results on the same day and, if it is cancer, allows you to move from diagnosis to treatment all under one roof.

We know that a speedy diagnosis is crucial in the treatment of cancer. Our Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Service has transformed how quickly we can diagnose and treat people. In most cases patients can get their results on the same day.

Maureen Carruthers, Clinical Nurse Director, Private Care

If it isn’t cancer, we have close links with our neighbouring hospitals and will be able to refer you to the most suitable service.

Multidisciplinary teams

The care we offer is founded on the principle of a multidisciplinary team led by your personal consultant. In practice, this means that your unique treatment plan will be evolved by a range of specialists, typically including a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiotherapist, pathologist, radiologist, nurse and allied health professionals – all of whom specialise in your cancer type. Together, they will consider all possible treatment options and recommend those that they believe will achieve the best possible outcome.

Each of our private patients is looked after by a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in that patient’s particular cancer, led by a specialist consultant such as myself, providing an international standard of care.

Dr Sanjay Popat, Consultant Medical Oncologist

Your specialist consultant will supervise every aspect of your care plan. As your treatment progresses the multidisciplinary team will monitor your progress, adjusting your personalised plan if necessary to ensure that you receive the best treatment at every stage of your journey. Your consultant will discuss their recommendations with you and help you shape your plan as treatment progresses.

The Royal Marsden is one of the few private providers who discuss patient cases at formal multidisciplinary team meetings.

Personalised treatments

Our ongoing research into the biology of cancer utilises advanced imaging and molecular techniques, helping us to identify and map the unique characteristics of some cancer types. We use this understanding to create individual therapy plans.


Caring for those closest to you

83% of patients reported that their families had enough opportunity to speak to their doctor and a further 16% reported that they had some opportunities.

Private Care Patient Experience Survey Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

We take every care to support not only you, but also your family, every step of the way. We never forget that the people you care about are also important for us to consider. From welcoming them into the hospital to providing them with the information they need, we will help them to play a full role in your treatment pathway.