Our patient experience

Patients share their individual stories after receiving treatment at our Private Care facilities.

Vicky was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2007. In 2013, the cancer returned in her breast. She requested to be treated at The Royal Marsden after a national skin cancer charity recommended that she be referred to Dr James Larkin. Vicky’s participation on one of Dr Larkin’s trials at The Royal Marsden has twice produced very positive results, where the cancer has been kept under control.


Paul was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine health check-up. He chose to be treated at The Royal Marsden because of our world-leading reputation. Paul benefitted from minimally invasive surgery using our da Vinci XI robotic surgical system. The innovative keyhole technique meant Paul was able to recover and return to normal life more quickly. He found his one-on-one relationship with his consultant, Mr Pardeep Kumar, to be invaluable throughout his treatment and follow up.