Your payment plan

The Royal Marsden provides private care to patients who have private medical insurance, are sponsored by a third party or are paying for their own treatment (self‑funding). This section explains the arrangements for these different funding sources, as well as the responsibilities of patients and their representatives.

private care payment

How do I pay for my treatment?

Your account

Your charges, payments and deposits will be recorded on your unique account, which is administered by the Private Care Accounts Office. If you have any questions about your

account, please call the office at any time (see below for contact details).


When you register for private care at The Royal Marsden, we ask you to sign our ‘Undertaking to Pay’ form. Signing the form confirms that you or your representative accepts ultimate responsibility for the hospital charges, whether you are insured, sponsored or self‑funding.

If you are a UK resident and are entitled to use NHS services, please note it is not possible to have treatment as a private patient and an NHS patient on the same day/during an admission. If you are using private health insurance, it is recommended that you refer to the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure you have adequate cover for items such as outpatient prescriptions which will be charged for privately. While you are receiving treatment privately, any prescriptions issued by the hospital will not be covered by an NHS exemption certificate nor be charged at the current NHS prescription charge.


If you have any queries about payment at The Royal Marsden, please contact our Accounts Office:

Chelsea 020 7808 2491 or 020 7808 2492

Sutton 020 8661 3400 or 020 8661 3401