Diagnosis: our Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre

Fast and accurate diagnosis is vital to improving cancer outcomes.


Pardeep Kumar

Diagnosis at The Royal Marsden are carried out through our Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Service; designed for patients with suspected breast, skin and urological cancers.

The majority of referrals are seen within seven days and patients will get their results or a form of diagnosis on the same day as their tests, or in some more complex cases, shortly after.

Each diagnostic clinic is run by specialist staff including consultant surgeons and oncologists, radiologists and radiographers, nurses, histopathologists and clerical staff. 

Diagnosis is delivered using the latest techniques and technologies, including specialised molecular diagnostic techniques developed in partnership with The Institute of Cancer Research. These techniques confirm or identify your patient's cancer type, and allow us to recommend the therapies which will be the most effective in treating their individual cancer.

If your patient does not have cancer, The Royal Marsden will refer the patient on for appropriate further diagnosis and treatment.