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Q&A with Miss Fiona MacNeill, Consultant Breast Surgeon

Miss Fiona MacNeill is a specialist Consultant Breast Surgeon. She was inspired to specialise in cancer surgery after completing her MD thesis at The Royal Marsden, and returned to the Trust as a consultant in 2006.

Healthcare experts

Q&A with Mr Pardeep Kumar, Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Pardeep Kumar is a specialist in urinary tract cancers and reconstruction at The Royal Marsden. He trained in London and gained fellowship experience in the USA and Egypt.

Healthcare experts

Q&A with Dr Kara Heelan, Consultant Dermatologist

Our mole-mapping clinic can benefit patients at risk of skin cancer, says Consultant Dermatologist Dr Kara Heelan.

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Meet the Cavendish Square team: Rebecca Bourne, Matron

Our new diagnostic, treatment and outpatient facility at Cavendish Square will be opening later this month, on 28 April. As we countdown to the opening of Cavendish Square, we’ll be meeting key members of the team.

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The sooner, the better

We know that by diagnosing more cancers early, we could save thousands of lives every year.

Healthcare experts

One size does not fit all

Our research into gastrointestinal cancers is advancing our understanding of how different patients respond to treatment.