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Meet Mr M Asif Chaudry, consultant surgeon

Mr M Asif Chaudry is a consultant surgeon specialising in oesophageal and gastric cancers at The Royal Marsden.

qualified from Oxford University with distinction

“It’s a real multidisciplinary approach,” he explains. “The Gastrointestinal Unit is one of the world’s best in terms of defining what multimodal treatment patients would benefit from.

“For many patients, the disease has not spread beyond the oesophagus, stomach and regional lymph nodes, and a cure may still be possible. Treatments commonly involve a combination of chemotherapy and surgery, sometimes with the addition of radiotherapy.”

Mr Chaudry is focused on delivering high-quality surgical oncology care and driving innovation so that more patients can be treated effectively with as little impact as possible on their quality of life. He introduced the use of minimally invasive robotic surgery for oesophageal cancer to The Royal Marsden so that patients no longer need a large cut in the chest. The Royal Marsden is one of only two centres in Europe offering this service to oesophageal cancer patients.


took post as consultant at The Royal Marsden

“This approach can improve recovery time and reduce the risk of pneumonia, allowing patients to return to their normal activities or start the next phase of their treatment quickly. It also allows us to use fluorescent markers to identify blood vessels and lymph nodes to guide surgery with an accuracy that has never before been possible.”

Mr Chaudry is also involved in research, working closely with colleagues at the Institute of Cancer Research. He is the surgical oncology lead for the ICONIC trial, which aims to look at combining immunotherapy and surgery for the treatment and potential cure of these types of cancers – a world first.

He is also working on the PROSPECT-MR trial using a combined MRI and surgical scoring system. “We want to understand which patients in particular might benefit from radiotherapy in addition to chemotherapy,” he says, “to ensure the tissue surrounding the oesophagus that is removed at the time of surgery has a margin free of cancer.”

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