Listening Post

The Listening Post is a series of informal sessions at which all suggestions, comments and observations are collected to help improve the experience of patients at The Royal Marsden.

Member of PCAG with the Listening Post at the conference centre Chelsea

Comments made in confidence to the Listening Post really can make a difference

The Listening Post was created, and is run, by members of the Patient and Carer Advisory Group (PCAG). It provides an opportunity for patients, their carers, family and friends visiting The Royal Marsden, to comment on their experience at the hospital (COVID-19 guidelines permitting).

You do not have to give your name; comments are made anonymously by chatting informally and directly to the PCAG members hosting The Listening Post session.

Listening Posts take place in various areas of the the hospital’s Chelsea, Sutton and Kingston sites at different times of the day. They are advertised by a distinctive Listening Post banner and will usually be hosted by two members of PCAG. 

All comments are passed to the relevant hospital department for consideration and action, and expressions of appreciation are as helpful as suggestions for improvement.

If the comments made at the Listening Post reveal a common theme or trend in patient experience, or reflect comments made in other patient surveys (such as The Friends and Family Test), PCAG will discuss and put forward suggested improvements for The Royal Marsden’s management team to consider.

All members of the Patient and Carer Advisory Group are welcome to take part in hosting the Listening Post, if they wish to do so. The Royal Marsden provides free listening skills training for the Listening Post role. 

Do come and chat if you see a Listening Post in session on your visit to the hospital - there is no need to book.