Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement


Involving and engaging patients, carers and the public in The Royal Marsden research is an essential part of our work, helping us to identify the issues most important and relevant to those directly affected by cancer and its treatments.

Patient and public involvement in research is working ‘with’ members of the public. This can include a wide range of activities, from commenting on and developing research materials, joining a project steering committee and offering advice, to working in partnership with the research team.

Public engagement is the sharing and provision of research information and knowledge to the public. This can include open days and events at The Royal Marsden, sharing findings of a study and raising awareness of research through the media.  

We want patients, carers and the public to be involved throughout all stages of our research to find smarter, kinder and more effective treatments. This may be from identifying key issues, to undertaking research and evaluating its impact, and talking to others about our research. 

We listen to and involve cancer patients and their families, and members of the public in every stage of our research by:

  • Identifying issues which are important to patients that could be addressed by research, (e.g.) such as physical and psychological care needs and reducing side effects from treatment.
  • Ensuring that the materials we produce for patients and the public, such as leaflets, are informative and easy to understand.
  • Providing opportunities to find out and ask questions about the progress being made in research at The Royal Marsden and the ICR.

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