Outreach, Symptom and Palliative Care Service

This service provides symptom management support and advice to children and young people who have a cancer diagnosis and have been referred to the Oak Centre for Children and Young People, as well as their families.

The team consists of four Children and Young People's Oncology Outreach and Symptom Care Nurse Specialists (CYPOONS) and one Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine.

As a team we work within The Royal Marsden multi-disciplinary team in partnership with the children and young people, their families and local services close to where the family reside (health, education, social and rehabilitation). Alongside the on-treatment medical team and named key worker, we provide the service from diagnosis and throughout the pathway of care whilst receiving cancer-directed therapy and into follow-up and/or palliative care and bereavement.

Outreach symptom nursing support

Our patients are referred from across the South Thames (South East and South West London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire borders). The CYPOONS outreach extends throughout the region alongside healthcare colleagues close to where the family reside, liaising and providing a home visiting service.

Complex symptom management

The Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine provides symptom support and advice to all children and young people who develop complex symptoms as a result of their cancer diagnosis or treatment, e.g. persisting pain. This could be at any stage throughout the pathway of care and in a number of care settings: home, hospice or hospital where a monthly out patient clinic is held.

The Consultant and CYPOONS work in partnership with The Royal Marsden drug development medical and nursing team to support the children and young people referred from outside the South Thames for early phase clinical trials.

Patch specialist telephone advice service

The Paediatric Patient Advice by Telephone for Care at Home, Hospice and Hospital (PATCH) service is a 24/7 specialist telephone advice service for children and young people and their families, and for healthcare and allied professionals.

Previously provided by The Royal Marsden CYPOONS for those children with a cancer diagnosis, it has recently merged with the Shooting Star Chase children's hospice Symptom Care team to additionally provide for those children with a non-cancer diagnosis. The service is jointly funded by both organisations and hosted by The Royal Marsden.

The service aims to be responsive with clear and open communication between the PATCH team and the families and professionals who telephone the service.

Contact details

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm:

  • patients known to The Royal Marsden: 020 8661 3625 (CYPOONS office)
  • patients known to Shooting Star Chase (Symptom Care team): 01483 230960 (Chase at Christopher's) / 020 8783 2000 Shooting Star House).

Out of hours (evenings, nights, weekends, all bank holidays):

  • all patients known to both The Royal Marsden and Shooting Star Chase teams: 020 8642 6011 (switchboard).

Referral to patch service (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

Tel: 020 8661 3625 (CYPOONS office)
Fax: 020 8915 6740
Email: cyp.outreach@rmh.nhs.uk

Caroline Menez Trust CYP Palliative Care Research

The Caroline Menez Trust has funded a paediatric palliative care research team consisting of a nursing sister and research assistant for three years. 

The research focus will primarily be in pain and other symptoms. The Caroline Menez Trust welcome financial donations in support of this underfunded, but important, area of paediatric research. Please contact cyp.outreach@rmh.nhs.uk for any further information or telephone the CYPOONS office on 020 8661 3625.