Bud Flanagan wards and units

The Bud Flanagan wards are primarily for patients with myeloma, leukaemia or lymphoma, those being cared for by the Haemato-oncology Unit.

Bud Flanagan East Ward has 16 single, en-suite rooms and a filtered air, protected environment for patients who require intensive chemotherapy and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).

Bud Flanagan West Ward has 12 beds across four single rooms (three with en-suite facilities) and two four-bed bays. The ward is used for patients who require high-dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation.

Bud Flanagan Apheresis Unit, which is located on Bud Flanagan West Ward, has three dedicated chairs for procedures including the collection of stem cells before transplantation, leukapheresis, plasma cell exchange and extracorporeal photophoresis (ECP).

Bud Flanagan Ambulatory Inpatient Unit, which is located on Bud Flanagan West Ward, has three dedicated treatment chairs and one bed. This unit enables some patients undergoing chemotherapy or stem cell transplants to remain at home for as much time as possible, while at the same time reserving a bed on the ward for immediate admission if there are any problems.

Location, directions and parking

The Bud Flanagan wards and units are located in the East Wing of the hospital on the second floor. This can be accessed by lift or stairs.

Visiting times

Visitors are welcome on the ward at any time, apart from meal times:

  • Breakfast: 8am to 9pm
  • Lunch: 12.30pm to 2pm
  • Supper: 6pm to 7pm

We ask for no more than two visitors per bed at any one time. If you have any concerns about this please discuss them with the nurse looking after you or the sister or matron.

Visiting restrictions

Our patients are particularly vulnerable to infection so please do not visit if you have a cold, cough or any sign of infection. If in doubt, please phone us ahead of your visit to discuss with the nurse in charge or matron.

Please do not send flowers or plants as they are not permitted on the ward. We also ask that you do not bring in food without discussing it with the nursing staff as our patients have dietary restrictions.

If you plan to bring children to visit please also discuss this with us before your visit.

Facilities on Bud Flanagan wards

There is no waiting room or day room on Bud Flanagan East Ward. Each room on the ward has a television with DVD player, a computer with internet access and Skype, a safe and a wardrobe (we encourage our patients to dress during the day). A fridge is provided for cold drinks. Each bathroom has a separate shower and toilet. The pressure in the showers can feel low due to an attachment that is part of our infection control measures.

Bud Flanagan West Ward has a day room for patients to use, although this can get quite busy. Patients in the two four-bed bays have a shared bathroom and shower which is cleaned regularly. Each bay has a fridge for cold drinks. Over each bed there is a console with a television, DVD player and telephone/internet facility. Each bed has a small locker for clothes and there is a safe for valuables.

Patients in the Apheresis Unit or the Ambulatory Inpatient Unit will receive meals and refreshments.

Your inpatient stay

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Bud Flanagan staff

Handovers from the day shift to the night shift happen from 8am to 8.30am and 8pm to 8.30pm.

Consultant ward rounds are on Tuesday and Friday mornings. There are also two senior registrars, three senior house officers and an advanced nurse practitioner on the medical team, and you will see them on a daily basis.

If you are a patient in the Ambulatory Inpatient Unit you will be seen by an advanced nurse practitioner at a pre-arranged time.

The matron for Bud Flanagan wards and the Haemato-oncology Unit is Kim Davis.

Contact details

Bud Flanagan East and West reception: 020 8661 3144 or 020 8661 3779 (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

You can also call switchboard on 020 8642 6011 and ask for the following:

  • Haemato-oncology matron, ext 1416
  • Bud Flanagan East Ward nurse coordinator, ext 4140
  • Bud Flanagan West Ward nurse coordinator, ext 4150
  • Ambulatory Inpatient Unit, ext 4150
  • Out-of-hours supervisor

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