Kingston Hospital, Surrey

The Medical Day Unit (MDU) in the Sir William Rous Unit at Kingston Hospital delivers day care chemotherapy and other supportive treatments.

The Sir William Rous Unit is a state-of-the-art cancer facility for patients in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. It is a partnership between Kingston Hospital, Macmillan Cancer Care, and The Royal Marsden. There are 10 chairs and two beds on the unit.

MDU staff are passionate about caring for patients receiving chemotherapy, and have adopted the following as their core values: Caring, Compassion, Commitment, Courage, Competence and Candour.

Location, directions and parking

MDU is located on the first floor of the Sir William Rous Unit.

Opening times and visitors

MDU is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Because of the space on the unit, we ask patients to restrict themselves to only one visitor at a time. We also ask that babies and children under 12 years old do not attend. If you have any concerns with this please discuss them with the nurse looking after you, the sister or the matron.

Food and drink

We provide morning tea and biscuits at 11am, lunch from 12pm to 1pm and afternoon tea and biscuits at 2.30pm.

A light sandwich lunch is served rather than hot food because the smells of hot prepared meals can make some patients feel nauseous.

Facilities in the MDU

Please feel free to bring your own computer, MP3 player or DVD player for entertainment but please also bring headphones to avoid disturbing other patients. Please also be considerate to others around you when using your mobile phone.

Day care and receiving chemotherapy

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MDU staff

The MDU is led by a sister and staffed by a team of nurses who have expertise in performing venepuncture, cannulation and administering chemotherapy.

There are also support staff including administrative assistants, ward clerks and healthcare assistants, all of whom are dedicated to supporting all our patients and their families while they receive chemotherapy. Volunteers from Kingston Hospital assist the team with catering and some of the daily administrative tasks.

Other staff who support our patients include doctors, pharmacists, a dietitian and the psychological support team. Macmillan Cancer Care run aromatherapy and massage sessions as well as Look Good... Feel Better.

The daily routine starts at 8.30am when the nurses have a detailed discussion on the activity for the day. This lasts roughly 30 minutes. The doctors on the unit starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. The nurses work different shifts, with some finishing at 5pm and others at 6.30pm.

The matron is Lorraine Hyde and the sister is Paulina Bylica.

Contact details

  • Lorraine Hyde, Matron/Lead Nurse – 020 8661 3174/3084
  • Paulina Bylica, Ward Sister – 020 8973 5030/5029

William Rous Unit, 2 Galsworthy Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT2 7QB.