Professor Uwe Oelfke

Head of the Joint Department of Physics

Specialism: Radiotherapy

Available at: Chelsea, Sutton


Professor Uwe Oelfke is the Head of the Joint Department of Physics of The Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). He joined The Royal Marsden and ICR in 2013 from the German Cancer Research Centre, where his research activities of the last decade focused on the optimisation of image-guided radiotherapy with photon and charged particle beams.

Besides his responsibility for Medical Physics activities at The Royal Marsden, he also serves as Head of the Centre for Cancer Imaging and Deputy Head of the Division of Imaging and Radiation Therapy at the ICR.

Professor Oelfke is the principle investigator of the CRUK programme grant ‘Advances in Physics for precision radiation therapy’. His main research interests include the development of magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy, real-time adaption of dose delivery techniques and advanced treatment planning. He has published numerous papers on these subjects and is engaged in a number of international teaching activities.

The key objective of his work is the translation of Medical Physics research into clinical practice for the benefit of Royal Marsden patients.