Professor Nicholas James

Professor of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research BSc (First Class Honours) MBBS PhD FRCP FRCR

Specialism: Urology

Available at: Chelsea

Special interests:

  • Clinical trials in advanced prostate cancer
  • Bladder Preservation with chemo-radiation for locally advanced bladder cancer


Professor James is Professor of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. He was previously Professor of Clinical Oncology in Birmingham up until 2019.

His practice and his research is focussed on advanced prostate cancer and on bladder preservation in locally advanced disease.

Prof. James is Chief Investigator on the ground-breaking STAMPEDE trial, which has been used to evaluate, to date, 10 different therapies for advanced prostate cancer in more than 11,000 men. Results from STAMPEDE with docetaxel 1,2 and abiraterone 3,4 and prostate radiotherapy 5 have shown that big survival gains can be made by using existing treatments in novel settings. 

In the bladder cancer field Prof James has led a series of trials of chemoradiotherapy that demonstrated that low dose synchronous chemotherapy reduced invasive bladder cancer relapse rates by 43%, published in the New England Journal of Medicine 6. 

Key publications: N D James
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