Triggers Toolkit - for Patients

Since 2017, the Triggers service has been in operation at The Royal Marsden and aims to offer access to support symptomatic patients throughout their cancer trajectory.

Following a diagnosis of cancer, you may exhibit physical and/or psychological symptoms. These symptoms may have resulted in your cancer being diagnosed in the first place. If these symptoms are not addressed it can impact on:-

  • Your quality of life and how you feel
  • Your relationships with family and friends
  • How you tolerate future cancer treatments.

What is the Triggers service and what can the service offer me?

  • The Triggers service works collaboratively with your oncology team when you first attend clinic.
  • Together, we identify if symptoms are present and if you would benefit from early referral to our service
  • The Triggers service will review you in clinic and can offer:-
    • Advice and information
    • Review of problematic symptoms related to your cancer and suggest an intervention to your medical team
    • Discuss Advance Care Planning and urgent care plan creation (Co Ordinate My Care record)

Questions often asked

Does referral to the Triggers service mean that I can’t have treatment?

You can still continue to have cancer treatments and be reviewed by the Triggers service

If I’m seen by a Triggers nurse can I still be considered for a clinical trial?

You can still be considered for a clinical trial.  When on a clinical trial, we check with the trial team if certain medications can be used and what drugs should be avoided. If you make changes to my medications, how would my consultant be informed?
After all discussions, we document any changes on your patient record.  If we make any changes to your medications we also contact your GP by letter.  

If I’m not seen by a Triggers nurse should I worry?

It means that right now, you are not experiencing any symptoms and you don’t need us.

Who should I contact if there is a problem with my treatment?
If you have a problem when on your cancer treatment, you should ALWAYS call your oncology CNS 

If I’ve met the Triggers service before, will I see you all the time?

If your symptoms have resolved, or you have been linked to services nearer to your home, the Triggers service takes a step back while you continue on your treatment

If my symptoms reoccur, what do I do?
If you have met us before, we will have given you our contact details. But, if you haven’t met us, ask your oncology team if you are suitable for this service.