Coordinate My Care

The Royal Marsden hosts a service called Coordinate My Care (CMC). CMC puts patients at the heart of urgent care planning. It makes sure that patient wishes are taken into account by everyone who is involved in their care.

Patients in the Greater London area are invited to consent to creating a digital CMC Urgent Care plan with their doctor or nurse. This includes important information about their illness, how and where they would like to be cared for and people to contact in an emergency.

This information is then shared securely online with all the health professionals who might be involved in the care of the patient. This includes the ambulance service, NHS 111, out of hours services, hospital doctors and nurses, and GPs.

This way, everyone knows what the patient needs and wants, even in an emergency.

There is a portal for patients called myCMC which can be accessed via the website Here patients can initiate their own care plan from the comfort of their home and start some of the important thinking about advance care planning and their preferences for care. They then make an appointment with their GP, hospital doctor or nurse to complete the clinical details and once finalised the care plan is available to all the in-hour and out-of-hour healthcare professionals involved in their care.

For more information

Visit the Coordinate My Care website, or call 0207 811 8513.