Neuro-oncology Unit

The Royal Marsden's Neuro-oncology Unit provides treatment and care for people with brain and spinal tumours.

The Neuro-oncology Unit includes specialist Neuro-oncology clinical and research staff who work in collaboration with neurosurgeons, neurologists and endocrinologists in the London area and throughout the UK.

The latest radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments for brain tumours are available at both The Royal Marsden’s hospitals in Sutton and Chelsea, together with a full range of patient support and care services.

In March 2021 The Royal Marsden Neuro-oncology Unit was proud to be designated as a Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence for our work, in conjunction with our Neuro-oncology MDT partners at St George's University Hospital and the Royal Surrey County Hospital.


We offer the full range of modern imaging and treatment techniques, but it is our stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy, fast-track metastatic, paediatric/teenage and young adult neuro-oncology and patient support services that place The Royal Marsden at the forefront of Neuro-oncology.

The Neuro-oncology Unit provides state of the art treatment for patients with the following diagnoses, as well as other rarer brain and spinal tumour conditions: brain metastases, benign and malignant skull base tumours, meningiomas, vestibular schwannomas, pituitary tumours, medulloblastoma, and gliomas (including both low and high-grade gliomas). The Neuro-oncology Unit has special expertise in stereotactic radiosurgery using the Marsden’s Cyberknife and other dedicated stereotactic radiotherapy delivery platforms, and in adult craniospinal radiotherapy.

Research and clinical trials

The Neuro-oncology Unit is one of the UK’s leading neuro-oncology research centres, with numerous clinical trials open at any one time covering the breadth of neuro-oncology practice. The Neuro-oncology Unit has strong links with The Royal Marsden’s Drug Development Unit which runs early phase clinical trials focussed on patients with recurrent primary brain tumours.

Multidisciplinary approach to care

Brain tumours affect people physically, emotionally and socially, and the care that they receive must be tailored to reflect their individual needs.

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) of brain tumour specialists meets weekly to assess individual needs and progress to ensure that everyone continues to receive the most appropriate treatment, care and support.

Neuro-oncology Unit staff


  • Dr Liam Welsh, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Head Of Unit (Sutton/Chelsea)
  • Dr Nicola Rosenfelder, Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Chelsea)
  • Dr Antonia Creak, Consultant Clinical Oncologist (Sutton)
  • Dr Andrew Mackinnon, Consultant Neuro-radiologist (Sutton/St. George’s Hospital)
  • Dr Philip Rich, Consultant Neuro-radiologist (Chelsea/St. George’s Hospital)
  • Dr Paul Hart, Consultant Neurologist (Sutton)

Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • Claire Vocat, Lead Neuro-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Sutton)
  • Matteo Isolani, Neuro-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Chelsea)
  • Aileen Phillpot, Support Worker (Sutton)

Neuro-oncology Research

  • Ozofu Omuemu, Senior Clinical Research Nurse
  • Kathy Greenwood, Research Manager

Specialist Radiographer

  • Martin Brewer

MDT Pathway Co-ordinators

  • Jess Yanwube
  • Annette Donnachie


  • Kathy Allan (Chelsea)
  • Nida Bhatti (Chelsea)
  • Kellie Mewett (Sutton)

Clinical Business Unit Team

  • Christopher Stone, Service Manager
  • Gwen Hodge, Assistant CBU Manager

Contact information

If you have a query regarding your appointment you can contact the consultant’s PA directly during working hours:

  • Chelsea: 0207 808 2271
  • Sutton: 020 8661 3826

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