Lung Unit

The Lung Unit provides state-of-the-art treatment for all forms and stages of lung cancer and mesothelioma within the framework of a comprehensive clinical research programme.

Lung cancer, mesothelioma and thymoma treatment

The Lung Unit is based across The Royal Marsden's hospitals in Chelsea and Sutton, and at Kingston Hospital in Surrey. It sees over 500 new patients each year.

The unit is primarily focused on the treatment, rather than diagnosis, of lung cancer. The unit works in close collaboration with chest physicians, thoracic surgeons and clinical nurse specialists in lung cancer and palliative care in nearby district general hospitals, from whom we receive most of our referrals.

What happens when a patient comes to the unit?

Patients who are referred to this unit have normally already been diagnosed with cancer at another hospital. A multidisciplinary team of respiratory physicians, surgeons, medical and clinic oncologists, radiologists and pathologists will meet to review the patient's notes in detail and plan treatment options.

At this meeting, it is decided whether further investigations are necessary, and which treatments should be used. The team will discuss the various treatment options with the patient and various tests will also be carried out. This might include blood tests, measurement of height and weight, and an electrocardiogram (ECG) to test the heart's rhythm.

When a patient comes to the unit to begin treatment they are seen by a registrar and a consultant who both specialise in a specific condition. Patients also meet a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

The CNS provides information about lung cancer, advice on how to manage the side effects of treatment and can also refer patients for psychological support if necessary. This support is available from diagnosis, throughout treatment and during follow-up care.

How do we treat lung cancer?

We use a range of treatments depending upon the nature of the patient's cancer. They are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy – a type of treatment which uses medicines used to kill cancer cells
  • Radiotherapy – treatment which involves the use of radiation
  • Immunotherapy – treatment using substances to stimulate an immune response
  • Targeted therapy – treatment that uses drugs or other substances to specifically attack cancer cells and do less damage to normal cells
  • Clinical drug trials

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What to do if there are complications with treatment

If a problem occurs as a result of treatment, please contact the CNS directly via phone or email.

  • Chelsea hospital: Sophie Robson ext 4078
  • Sutton hospital: Jo Vick ext 4810 or Lizzie Middleton ext 1347
  • or an on-call doctor via the switchboard: 020 8642 6011

If the patient is acutely unwell, please contact the emergency department.

Contact information

If you have a query regarding your appointment you can contact the consultant’s secretary directly during working hours:

Chelsea: 0207 811 8921
Sutton: 020 8661 3278

Staff at The Lung Unit

Head of Unit

Dr Mary O’Brien, Consultant Medical Oncologist


Dr Merina Ahmed, Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Jaishree Bhosle, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Dr Imogen Locke, Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Fiona McDonald, Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Sanjay Popat, Consultant Thoracic Medical Oncology
Dr Jayne Wood, Consultant in Palliative Care
Dr Timothy Yap, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Dr Nadia Yousaf, Consultant Medical Oncologist

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Lizzie Dowling, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Sutton)
Jo Vicks, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Sutton)
Sophie Robson, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Chelsea)

Clinical Business Unit Team

Adam Wright, Service Manager
Leisa Spink, Assistant CBU Manager
Riley Payne, CBU Co-Ordinator